Boy, bye features YEG’s best and brightest women. These ladies are paving their own paths to success, growing our city, and looking good all the while. Edmonton’s cultural landscape has rapidly expanded over the past few years and continues to grow with entrepreneurialism as its backbone. These are some of the strongest, most resilient personalities behind
some of the most unique and successful businesses, ideas, and programs in the city.

Jyllian Park and Kalyna Hennig are both born-and-raised Edmontonians who are founders-femme themselves. Both gals are freelance writers with work appearing in Avenue Edmonton, The Yards, and more. Jyllian also works as a freelance stylist, and Kalyna runs her own small business, Pretty Things, selling her hand-made and designed jewelry and art at markets and events in and around Edmonton.

They’re here to tell the stories of the magnificent and independent women behind some of Edmonton’s best gems; to shine a spotlight on their journeys, challenges, and perseverance along the way; and to inspire more wonderful creations in and outside of our city.